St. Thomas of Acon - Province of East Anglia

Provincial Officers 2018-2019




Rt Wy Grand Preceptor

Sir Derek of Anfield

Rt Em Provincial Grand Prior

Sir David of Epping Forest

Provincial Grand Marshal

Sir Daniel of St Albans

Provincial Grand Treasurer

Sir Ian of Broxbourne

Provincial Grand Registrar

Sir Nicholas of Cressing Temple

Provincial Grand Secretary

Sir Antonio of Holborn

Provincial Deputy Grand Marshal

Sir John of St Michaels’s Mead

Provincial Grand Almoner

Sir Keith of Benalmadena

Provincial Grand Warden of Regalia


Provincial Grand Sword Bearer

Sir Keith of Trimley St Mary

Provincial Deputy Grand Secretary

Sir Stephen of Harwich

Provincial Grand Banner Bearer

Sir Edward of Chattisham

Provincial Assistant Grand Marshal

Sir Peter of Weald

Provincial Assist. Grand Secretary

Sir Anthony of Diss

Provincial Grand Herald

Sir Bryan of Rochford

Provincial Grand Organist

Sir David of Shelford Parva

Provincial Deputy Grand Organist

Sir Brian of London

Provincial Grand Door Keeper

Sir Derek of Gidea Park

Provincial Grand Cellarer

Sir David of Hain Ault

Provincial Grand Cellarer

Sir Robin of Outwood

Provincial Grand Sentry

Sir Baden of Baden-Baden





Past Rank Promotions


Past Provincial Grand Almoner

Sir Roy of Thornton-in-Lonsdale